A conversation heard


YANG: He said something about lusting after.
BURDETTE: Lusting over. Lusting after is more the nostalgia of bad sex. Nostalgia for bad sex.
YANG: Do you think he knew? That I would hear? That it was impossible I would not hear?
BURDETTE: A vicious old man. But younger than me.
YANG: I cried. But perhaps I cried to demonstrate I am not shameless.
BURDETTE: A man who deliberately hurts a woman is not a man.
YANG: Somebody who deliberately hurts a woman could be a definition.
BURDETTE: My friend, I would not be judged by my desires.
YANG: He judged me by his own desires.
BURDETTE: And condemned you.
YANG: For his desire? Or for the failure of his desire?
BURDETTE: He condemned you so you became worthy, worthless, enough for him.
YANG: He is not a metaphysician.
BURDETTE: And you are not made of stone.

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