Fine Tea Competition 2011

Artist: Annysa Ng  Description: Fine Tea articles may be on any poems, stories or artwork/photography featured in the history of Cha: An Asian Literary Journal. To see the kind of analyses we have published, please visit However, you do not need to conform to the existing styles. Surprise us. Length: 1000- 800-1500 words (including citations, if any)  Entries Deadline: 31st August, 2011 (Results will be announced in late … Continue reading Fine Tea Competition 2011

The peaceful spread of Chinese food

Outside lands contiguous with China, emigration has never been promoted by the Chinese state. The spread of Chinese cooking around the world has therefore been colonial but not imperial, carried by peaceful migrants in self-imposed “economic exile.” At least, this is true of most recent Chinese migration, though that of the last century was genuinely imperial in another sense, as European governments shunted the conscripted … Continue reading The peaceful spread of Chinese food


Because we do not have recordings uploaded on the Cha website, we are unsure of what this reader is talking about. Perhaps other editors have received a similar message? The email was addressed to a particular member of the Cha editorial team. Title: Files not found for the reading of poems  Dear ___________, Please upload the files or better to delete the icons. It’s indeed quite disappointed … Continue reading Baffling

Genuine email correspondence

Pictured: Wheatfield with Crows by Vincent Van Gogh Dear ________,We are very sorry to inform you that we cannot publish your poem “_______” in Cha, after all; we found out that it was previously featured in ______. In our acceptance email, we made it clear that we will only publish the piece if it has not been published elsewhere.Cha Editorial Team ******** hi dear eds _____________, … Continue reading Genuine email correspondence

ASIAN CHA Issue#12 Editorial

originally posted here The Mortuary and the App In this issue of Cha, we have a special section of essays devoted to picture book authors, curated by our Reviews Editor Eddie Tay. In one of these pieces, “Portrait of a Children’s Book Author as a Young Reader”, Malaysian writer Margaret Lim beautifully describes her introduction to the world of fiction. Lim, who spent part of … Continue reading ASIAN CHA Issue#12 Editorial


Please note that we are no longer accepting submissions for “The China Issue”. We are, however, accepting works for the Fourth Anniversary Issue. See here. [Read the Chinese versions here or download the English call PDF here.] Cha: An Asian Literary Journal is now accepting submissions for “The China Issue”, an edition of the journal devoted exclusively to work from and about contemporary China. The issue, … Continue reading CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS — "THE CHINA ISSUE"