Announcement: Collaboration with Voice & Verse Poetry Magazine

We are very happy to announce that selected poems from the ten-year history of Cha: An Asian Literary Journal (2007-2017) will be included in a special section in the December 2017 issue of the Hong Kong-based print poetry magazine, Voice & Verse. This collaboration, the first of its kind, celebrates the ten-year anniversary of Cha. The poems selected will be the editors’ favourites from the past ten years, … Continue reading Announcement: Collaboration with Voice & Verse Poetry Magazine

Eastern Heathens | Call for Submissions

– Cha contributors and readers might be interested in contributing to the anthology Eastern Heathens, which will include fiction inspired by existing Asian folklore. You can see some information below. Please also visit the anthology website and facebook page. Editors Amanda Lee and  Ng Yi-Sheng helpfully provide a (non-comprehensive) list of Asian fairytales.  Eastern Heathens, an anthology of fiction inspired by Asian folklore. We love Asian … Continue reading Eastern Heathens | Call for Submissions

Singapore Writers’ Festival 2009

Come and join the Singapore Writers’ Festival this year and meet Cha contributors Alvin Pang, Cyril Wong, Daren Shiau, Leung Ping-kwan, Ng Yi-Sheng and O Thiam Chin. Alvin Pang has had three poems published in issue#2 of Cha. Cyril Wong’s poetry has been published in issue#1 of Cha. Daren Shiau’s prose poems have been published in issue #5 of Cha. Leung Ping-kwan’s poetry has been … Continue reading Singapore Writers’ Festival 2009