CHA’s Best of the Net 2012 Nominations

We are happy to announce that the following pieces of work, selected from the July 2011, November 2011, March 2012 and June 2012 issues of Cha, have been nominated by us for inclusion in Best of the Net Anthology 2012 (published by Sundress). Congratulations to these writers and good luck! || Arthur Leung, “Earthen Houses” (issue #14, July 2011) || Read an analysis of the poem here || || Robert … Continue reading CHA’s Best of the Net 2012 Nominations

Robert Masterson’s Garnish Trouble

– Garnish Trouble (Finishing Line Press) by Robert Masterson is now available for preordering. More information can be found at their website You can also contact them: Finishing Line Press Post Office Box 1626 Georgetown, Kentucky 40324 859.514.9866 Reading Garish Trouble is like filling your mouth at midnight with grain alcohol and then blowing it out over a lit matchstick, the dark world before your eyes … Continue reading Robert Masterson’s Garnish Trouble

Marc Vincenz and Robert Masterson

Congratulations to Cha contributors Marc Vincenz and Robert Masterson. Their poems, “While Facing the Urinal” and “The Distance Between These Things” respectively, are nominated by Fleeting Magazine for the Pushcart Prize 2012.  – Marc Vincenz’s poetry was published in Issue 10 of Cha. Robert Masterson’s poetry will be featured in the fourth anniversary issue of Cha, due out in November 2011. – – –– Continue reading Marc Vincenz and Robert Masterson

Cha contributors win Best Short Writing in the World 2011

– – Congratulations to Robert Masterson. His poignant poem “The Distance Between These Things” wins Fleeting Magazine’s Best Short Writing in the World 2011. Robert will receive a year’s subscription to Stack, a personalised monthly selection of the best independent magazines from the UK, Europe and America. Marc Vincenz wins third place with his social critique poem “While Facing the Urinal” and he will receive … Continue reading Cha contributors win Best Short Writing in the World 2011